Training with CREW: real learning, real development.

Crew trains thousands of professionals every year through enterprise and capacity building projects. We do it effectively by supplying real knowledge from working within youth and drug using communities and successfully bridging cultural gaps. Our experience from peer education and outreach work informs policy and supports Alcohol and Drug Partnerships countrywide, and it can inform and support you too.We’d like to help you and your team build your understanding of substances use and best practice in peer education and here’s why we’re the right people for the job:1. Our knowledge
Crew can deliver clear outcomes on specific, specialist and fundamental substance use issues: How much information is really useful? Why is “poly drug use” so important to understand? What is new in harm reduction techniques? Who do you refer to, when & how do you intervene? What’s happening in your area of operation and how is it significant?2. Your needs
You or your team will have a specific combination of needs for training. We provide learning needs analysis to discover what issues are pertinent to you, proposing bespoke training to suit you or adjustments to your chosen course. We use that learning to broaden our knowledge so there is no charge for the service, irrespective of whether you choose to book!

3. Our Methods
At Crew, we are passionate about learning and development. We use a variety of brain friendly methods to create a stimulating learning environment such as active learning, creating imaginative learning techniques and experiential learning. We cater for individual learning styles by delivering sessions with a mixture of learning aids tailored to the individual group, including group work, presentations and skills practices. We give consideration to accessibility in our sessions and provide our resources in an accessible formats where required.

4. Your budget
Crew delivers exceptional quality and value added training with electronic access to course follow-up materials, forums & support. Crew Enterprise also operates a discount scheme to maintain access wherever possible for smaller organisations. We will also discuss smaller inputs in stages, e-Learning solutions or help you find other organisations to share training with. Discount availability is limited and may not be offered in all instances, but guidelines and applications can be sought from

5. Your targets
Pre & post evaluation and reporting is available to you so that you can show the effectiveness of your choice of training and demonstrate how your team is using the knowledge gained.