Anna Ross

Anna Ross LLB (Hons) Dip LP, MSc Alcohol and Drugs Research, PhD Candidate in Sociology (Drugs Policy)

Anna is an expert witness for Crew and has worked with people who take drugs in a professional and voluntary capacity for almost 20 years.

Anna has been a volunteer at Crew 15 years, first as an outreach worker at large music events across Scotland and supporting people who use drugs through Crew’s information services for 6 years, and then in the running of Crew through the Board of Director for 5 years.  She has undergone training with Crew on the role and duties of an Expert Witness in the criminal justice sector in Scotland. This training involves seminars with lawyers, moot court sessions, practice report writing and a period of supervised report writing. Working with other expert witnesses Anna receives regular updates and information regarding drug trends, patterns of use and other pertinent information relevant to her role as an expert witness in this field.

Over the past 15 years Anna has worked with drug users in a professional capacity through many frontline organisations such as Streetwork, Link Living and Women’s Aid. This work involved regular contact with recreational and habitual users giving her in-depth knowledge into the drug using community. She has provided drug awareness and harm reduction workshops through her voluntary work and professional work.

Anna completed her LLB at Edinburgh University and followed it with a Dip LP and an MSc in Alcohol and Drug Research. She is currently a PhD candidate at the University of Edinburgh where she is researching Scottish drug policy and measuring drug related harm.


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