“Crew neither condemns nor condones drug use.”
We recognise that both legal and illegal drugs have positive and negative aspects in their use.

Crew specializes in peer-led education for the reduction in harm caused by drug use. The organisation achieves this by providing culturally credible information through peer educators to people using substances. Our information, advice and support are informed by our engagement with people who use substances. This ensures it is up-to-date and credible, both to people using drugs as well as those working with them. It also ensures successful engagement and proven results in the community.

Crew has developed a ‘Stepped Care Approach’ to working with people who use substances; this provides appropriate and proportionate responses wherever someone might be in terms of their substance use.

Crew neither condemns nor condones drug use. The organisation advocates informed decision-making based on up-to-date information.

Award winning Crew informs local and national government, shares information with hundreds of agencies, collaborates with project work internationally, and can be seen at work in national media.