On the ground and up-to-the-minute substance expertise.

Crew’s team of expert witnesses provide reports and testimony on drug issues such as current street prices, trends, prevalence, methods of use, quantities and paraphernalia involved in substance use, cultivation and manufacture. Crew has provided this service since 1997.

Expert Witnesses at Crew consult firms about their needs, are evaluated by their peers and are required to learn and maintain knowledge of legal practice that is also independently and individually accredited by the Expert Witness Institute. Good, rapid report writing and clear testimony can alleviate some of the pressure of representing sometimes chaotic clients. Often the Crew team pick up on key aspects of a case that if overlooked can delay or impede the result.

Crew maintains a database of casework to ensure uniformity of reporting across the team. Our expert team have a vast knowledge of psychoactive drugs including, but not limited to; cannabis, New Psychoactive Substances (NPS), cocaine, opiates and benzodiazepines. We also have experts specialising in areas such as ‘poly drug’ use, long term drug taking as well as problematic and recreational drug use.

Crew’s expertise is well established in Scottish courts.  Crew can be relied upon for up-to-date expertise and credibility, much of it gained through its outreach work that maintains close connections to the communities taking substances but also through our drug counselling and ongoing recovery services. Crew also has access to national and local information on the price of drugs and regularly carries out surveys of people who take a variety of substances.

Crew Expert Witnesses have extensive experience of engagement with other experts and professionals in the fields of criminal justice, health and social services.  Crew provides services UK wide with links to agencies and organisations across the UK and Europe.