John Arthur in a Tie

John Arthur

John Arthur BA Com Ed, PGC Addiction Studies

John is the Senior Associate with Crew and has worked with people who take drugs in both a professional and voluntary capacity for the past 20 years. Having set up a number of projects and initiatives covering areas such as street-work with drug users, he has developed early intervention strategies with people who take heroin, established drugs information and recovery support services and is considered an authority on substance use and recovery from addiction.

A member of the Expert Witness Institute, he has 13 years’ experience in providing expert reports and testimony in the Scottish Courts.

John provides training and information around harm reduction approaches, emerging trends in new psychoactive substances and recovery community development practices to a variety of key professionals such as:

  • police officers, prison officers and medical personnel;
  • social service personnel and youth workers in a variety of local authorities;
  • national and international conferences and think tanks;
  • drugs workers;
  • policy makers and governmental drugs information providers.

Working with people who use drugs John has supported people to access treatment and rehabilitation or to stabilise their drug use. He is familiar with the sorts of quantities and the variety of substances that drug users are likely to use for the purposes of intoxication and keeps up to date with current street prices of various illicit substances. John is an accredited Recovery Coach and currently works with addicts who are attempting to recover from addiction from legal and illegal substances.


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