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Crew neither condemns nor condones substance use, but works to distribute good quality information.

Crew recognises generally that society is failing to understand and address significant harm-related issues around substance use and that effective control of illegal substances is not being achieved. To that end Crew supports some campaigning organisations in calling for change.

However, one of the biggest problems around all substances is a lack of good information, and particularly, imbalanced reporting in the press.

Crew’s expertise is around contributing good information and this is an outline of our involvement.

For facts and information about drugs, please visit

List of affiliated organisations, e.g. Scottish Drugs Forum, Drugscope, Turning Point Scotland, Scottish Drugs Recovery Consortium, BASICs network of EU drug Projects, EU Safer Cities Project, Transform Drugs Policy Unit, Release,

Links to research on UK press coverage of substance related deaths

Press enquiries please contact:



Local government contribution and initiatives: Recovery Development ‘Can Do’ group with NHS Lothian and City of Edinburgh Council, Providing training on Legal Highs and Emerging Trends in substance use to 15 Alcohol & Drugs Partnerships along with Health Services in many areas. Crew staff also have inputs to training and CPD for Social Workers, Police and Medical staff in Universities and colleges.


Crew Enterprise promotes Crew’s work in seeking open & objective debate on substance use policy, harm reduction & criminalisation of users. Crew has also been key contributors to both Scottish Psychostimulant Working Groups and contributed to the Road to Recovery national strategy document. Crew were also members of the working group that established the Scottish Drugs Recovery Consortium and are still involved in steering this organisation.


Crew were early adopters of the Safer Cities Initiative and leading members of the Safer nightlife working groups who have shared good practice of partnership working by the private, public and charity sectors. Crew are joining forces with 8 other organisations to form Trans European Drugs Information group (TEDI) which will be an information sharing group around recreational and newly emerging substances.